What is Free Comic Book Day?

Titan Moon Comics: Free Comic Book Day 2023

What is Free Comic Book Day? 

The biggest day of the year in the comic book industry and community. Lots of free books, goodies, and activities to do at your local shop. Usually there is a big sale, give-aways, and did I mention free comics? 

Lines will wrap around the building before the staff arrives to set up. The queue of people, anxiously waiting, stand outside for hours so that they can be the first one in the door to claim their books before the store runs out. 


The Reason I Love FCBD

For me, Free Comic Book Day isn’t only about the books… For me, it’s about our people. 

The ones that are willing to stand in line early in the morning. The ones that we know by name and the new faces we get to know. The ones who kept our doors open during the shut down and the ones who come in and say they would rather buy from us than Amazon to support the local small biz. 

That’s why I love FCBD. It’s the best day of the year for us to share the joy of comics with our community. I love Free Comic Book because y'all! 

During the day to day hustle and bustle we try to chat, check on the kids, and share the new job update, but sometimes we are just too busy on both sides of the counter. But on FCBD that’s when we get to join in the crowd and show all the love we have felt throughout the last year. 


What you can expect from FCBD 2023 at Titan Moon Comics:

  • Free comics for in-store visitors, from Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, and MORE!
  • Free sketches from local artists who will also be selling prints and artwork
  • Special prizes for our first 20 IN-STORE VISITORS!
  • Prize raffles throughout the entire day
  • Kid-friendly Activities, courtesy of Snapology in Cedar Park

Join us in-store on May 6th to celebrate Free Comic Book Day and our 9TH YEAR of being open. Doors open at 9am. Don’t miss the biggest day of the year. Our community is growing and we are so grateful.

I’m excited to greet everyone who joins us on May 6th! 


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