Disney Manga Nightmare Before Christmas Zero's Journey Ultimate Edition GN

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(W/A/CA) DJ Milky
Jack Skellington is the undisputed Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and creative genius behind the most spooktacular scares. Beside him through every great new creepy concept is his ever-faithful ghost pup, Zero. Finding himself lost in a curious land of baked goods, hand-wrapped presents, decorated trees, and joyful caroling, Zero must traverse the unfamiliar world of Christmas Town to find his way home!
This deluxe collectors' edition combines the entire Zero's Journey series into one book and re-releases it in a traditional manga format!
Exclusive Laminated Softcover at a large premium collectors' edition size!
Art reimagined by Kei Ishiyama, the original storyboard artist for the original series!
The Bookscan-Ranked Hit and beloved by librarians and Tim Burton fans!
Never-before-published cover illustration by Kiyoshi Arai, the original cover artist for the original series!

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