Fantastic Four Epic Collection TP Vol 21 The New Fantastic Four

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(W) Walt Simonson, Various (A) Arthur Adams, Various (CA) Arthur Adams
The Fantastic Four, like never before! With Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny out of commission, a new FF assembles: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and the Hulk! But what monstrous threat could bring these heroes together? And how are the Mole Man and the Skrulls involved? Maybe the real FF can help figure all that out! Then, the one, true Doom returns - and a time-jumping battle for the ages with Mister Fantastic ensues! Did we say time? Uh-oh, better hope nobody tells the Time Variance Authority! The Thing battles the Wrecker before a fantastic new era begins - and a stunning revelation rocks the marriage of Johnny Storm and Alicia Masters! Plus: the New Warriors, the Guardians of the Galaxy and a Miracle on Yancy Street! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #347-361 and ANNUAL #24 and material from MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1.
Rated T

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