EDH League Information

  1. $5 entry per week. Entry/play each week is not required, but will help your overall points standing.

  2. 10 weeks per season, and then 2 weeks off before a new league season begins.

  3. Players will be competing in pods of 4 and will be playing up to 3 games per week.

  4. Points will be awarded each week and will determine the overall winner of the league. The league winner will receive a prize (to be determined prior to the start of League play) at the end of the 10 weeks.

  5. League games are to be played in store at TMC.

  6. TMC reserves the right to adjust League rules at any time during league play. New rules will be posted and players will be given notice if rules change.


General Game Rules

  1. EDH is designed to promote social games of Magic. However, please keep in mind that this is a more relaxed format and that "fair play" is still encouraged.

  2. Your Commander must be a Legendary Creature.

  3. The color identity of your Commander determines what color of cards you may play in your deck.

  4. A Commander deck must contain exactly 100 cards, including the Commander.

  5. Other than basic lands, no two cards in the deck may have the same English name (exceptions do apply).

  6. Commander is played with vintage legal cards. However, some cards are banned and illegal to play.

  7. Players begin the game with 40 life.

  8. Commanders begin the game in the Command Zone. While a Commander is in the Command Zone, it may be cast, subject to the normal timing restrictions for casting restrictions. Its owner must pay (2) for each time it was previously cast from the command zone; this is an additional cost.

  9. If a Commander would be put into a library, hand, graveyard or exile from anywhere, its owner may choose to move it to the command zone instead. This action must be decided immediately.

  10. Being a Commander is not a characteristic, it is a property of the card and tied directly to the physical card. As such, "Commander-ness" cannot be copied or overwritten by continuous effects. The card retains its commanderness through any status changes, and is still a commander even when controlled by another player.

  11. If a player has been dealt 21 points of combat damage by a particular Commander during the game, that player loses the game. Commander damage is cumulative throughout the game and cannot be reduced.

  12. Commanders are subject to the Legend rule; a player cannot control more than one legend with the same name.

  13. Abilities that refer to other cards owned outside of the game do not function in this Commander event, unless you speak with a Titan Moon Comics TO prior to playing your games for the week.

  14. Mulligans will be handled as follows: first mulligan is free, second mulligan goes to 6 cards, any mulligan after that will be partial paris. If you mulligan to below your starting hand size, you may scry 1 before play begins.

  15. If you have infinite combos in your deck, you must play them out and specify an "amount," if necessary.

Deck Construction

  1. Sideboards are not permitted. Players can swap out cards before ANY match at home, or 10 minutes prior to games beginning at the store, but no changes to decks will be allowed after that time.

  2. Between weekly games, a player may change their deck in any way that still follows standard EDH deck construction standards, and the rules shown here.

  3. A Wishboard of 10 cards is permitted ONLY if the player has cards in their deck that references bringing a card(s) in from outside the game (Ring of Ma'ruf, Wishes, Spawnsire, Research, etc.).

  4. Proxy cards are not allowed. All cards must be legal for tournament play.

  5. Foreign (Non-English) and/or Textless cards are allowed ONLY if you know the English wording of the card. If there is any question as to what the card says, and an English copy is not on hand, no time will be spent looking it up via other sources, and the play will be deemed illegal. If in doubt, ask a TMC staff member before your games start. (This is to save time and debates over how a card reads.)


  1. Match-ups will be determined randomly based on number of players, and who is available.

  2. Once a match starts, there can be no interference from anyone outside the game (this includes "co-piloting").

  3. Each player will roll dice (or some other agreeable random way) to determine who goes first.

  4. The winner of the above (#3) determines whether they want to play or draw first. If they choose to draw, the player to their immediate right will be the first player on the play.

  5. Each player shall shuffle their deck and then cut the deck of the player to their immediate left.

  6. Play commences as normal until a winner is declared.

  7. In subsequent games, the player that lost first in the previous game will have the choice as to either play or draw. 

  8. Players may change decks between games.

League Scoring

  1. League games will be played weekly and will involve all players playing in one or several multi-player pods.

  2. Points will be awarded based on the position you're in when you leave the game. For example, the first person out will receive 1 point, the second will receive 2 points, the third 3 points, and so on.

  3. Extra points will be awarded based on meeting certain criteria, as determined in the appropriate league documentation.

If you have questions about any rules, cards, or if you are playing with a Wishboard, please speak with a Titan Moon Comics TO prior to the start of games each week.


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