Cast This #1

November 21, 2016

Welcome back readers. So far in this blog’s short history the topics have tended to be a bit serious in tone. I thought this time I’d keep it light and fun. I’m going to bring back an old favorite topic from the days of yore (2005-2010) when I was part of a podcast and website called The Geekocracy, which was started by Mason Johnson and me. If you've never heard of it, that’s because it wasn’t even a

footnote in podcasting history. However the website did have one feature that I really miss, and I am going to dust it off and share it with you today. And who knows? If it still works, maybe I’ll keep bringing it back from time to time. This is the story of Cast This.


Back in 2010 I was a manager of a comic book store in the Chicago area. I worked with a lot of good people that I still consider very good friends to this day. One of those friends, Jeff Zwirek, and I used to talk a lot about TV and movies. This in itself is nothing of note, however, one day the Matrix trilogy came up. Like many we felt that the 2nd and 3rd installments fell very short of the first movie. And within a minute of back and forth, we hashed out a simple rewrite that we felt fixed the series. We were way too proud of ourselves for such a mundane achievement; however we didn’t realize then, that every Saturday for the next few months we would keep doing similar fixes and mock pitches for various TV and movie projects. We even gave it a name. We called it Cast This. Every week we would take our

favorite comics, old TV shows, movies, and create a new TV or movie project complete with actors for the cast. Sometimes the process was easy. And some gave us so much trouble to nail down the right actors, that it drove us nuts. In fact I can tell you we never did arrive at a complete cast for a Transmetropolitan TV series. But I will share one of our first Cast This efforts. I chose this one because it actually finally made it to TV. Not by us. That honor goes to Seth Rogen and others. Yes I’m talking about Preacher. But back in 2010 the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic series was still going through development hell, and everyone had their mock casting calls ready to go. Well here is what Jeff and I came up with. Let’s flash back to one of the early hope filled years of the Obama presidency, 2010.


Preacher – HBO/Showtime type series hour long drama

Jesse Custer - Josh Holloway

He’s definitely got the southern charm and he came from one of the biggest shows in the past decade so he brings the screen cred. Time for Sawyer to take on his next role

Tulip O'Hare - Busy Phillips

Gotta give Jeff all the credit for this one. I know others have talked about Jaime Pressly, but I think this one works. As long as she doesn’t get pregnant again during filming. I’ve never seen so many photos of a pregnant celeb running around the internet

Cassidy - Rhys Ifans

OK, so weeks before he was cast in the new Spider-Man movie, I suggested him to Jeff for the part of Cassidy. Mostly because I remembered him from the football movie The Replacements where he plays Nigel “The Leg”. So I like the movie sue me. Anyway just so everyone knows, I had him first.


Saint of Killers - The Undertaker

Trust me, there’s no need for an Oscar award winning actor here when we’ve practically been given the character in real life. So what if he’s a wrestler? That just means he already has acting experience.

 Arseface - DJ Qualls

Oh right, tell me you don’t think this make sense on some level. Hey someone has to play him, might as well be Mr. Qualls. Any complaints from DJ Qualls people can be sent directly to Jeff.

Sheriff Hugo Root - Ron Perlman (or Clancy Brown if Ron is busy)

If we’re gonna have Arseface, we have to have his father. And Ron Perlman would make an awesome racist sheriff. Plus he’s Hellboy damnit, we want him in this. And if not, then we place a call to our other

buddy Clancy Brown.


So there you have it. I know there are other characters we didn’t cast, but these were definitely the main ones we wanted to pitch right away. And now we’re back to the present. So what do you think? I hope you enjoyed it. I remember how much

Jeff and I enjoyed doing these back in 2010. If you like it, let the kind folks at Titan Moon Comics know. I might bring this feature back from time to time. Or if you hate it, you can let them know that too. Either way thanks for reading. And special thanks to Jeff Zwirek for co-creating Cast This.


Rudy Hernandez has been a former comic book retailer, podcaster, a comic book fan since the age of 13, and Star Wars fan since the age of 2. He can be found every month attending the Titan Moon Comics Adult Graphic Novel Book club.

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