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CGC Information

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  • By Titan Moon Comics
CGC Information

Titan Moon is now Central Texas' ONLY CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) authorized dealer!


Call 512-358-1030, EMAIL , or click HERE set up a free consultation to discuss and learn about the process!

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Schedule a free consultation HERE.

Cards Eligible for Submission:


  • -Pokémon (1996 - Present): All standard-sized Pokémon TCG cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Pokémon Topps (1999 - 2004): All standard-sized Pokémon Topps cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Pokémon Carddass (1996-1997): All small-sized Pokémon Carddass cards.
  • -Magic: The Gathering (1993 - Present): All standard-sized Magic: The Gathering cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Yu-Gi-Oh! (2002 - Present): All standard-sized Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Akora (2022 - Present): All standard-sized Akora cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Digimon Card Game (2020 - Present): All standard-sized Digimon Card Game cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Dragon Ball Super (2017 - Present): All English and Italian standard-sized Dragon Ball Super cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Final Fantasy TCG (2016 - Present): All standard-sized Final Fantasy TCG cards are eligible to be  graded.
  • -Fire Emblem Cipher 0 (2015 - 2020): All standard-sized Fire Emblem Cipher 0 cards are eligible to  be graded.
  • -Flesh and Blood (2019 - Present): All standard-sized Flesh and Blood cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Force of Will (2012 - Present): All English standard-sized Force of Will cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Harry Potter TCG (2001 - 2002): All standard-sized Harry Potter TCG cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -Kryptic (2022 - Present): All standard-sized Kryptic cards.
  • -MetaZoo (2021 - Present): All standard-sized MetaZoo cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -MetaZoo Topps (2021-2022): All standard-sized MetaZoo Topps cards.
  • -My Hero Academia (2021 - Present): All standard-sized My Hero Academia cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -My Little Pony (2013-2018): All standard-sized My Little Pony cards.
  • -NeoPets (2003-2006): All standard-sized NeoPets cards.
  • -TITAN TCG (2021-2022): All standard-sized TITAN TCG cards.
  • -Weiss Schwarz (2007 - Present): All standard-sized Weiss Schwarz cards are eligible to be graded.
  • -World of Warcraft (2006 - 2013): All standard-sized World of Warcraft cards are eligible to be    graded.




About CGC

Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) revolutionized the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, trading cards, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 10 million collectibles certified since 2000.



Benefits of Grading

Confidence is knowing what you're getting.

Certification offers many benefits for comic book collectors, dealers and retailers. As an independent grader, impartial to any party, CGC provides this certification with accuracy and enthusiasm.


A Market Standard

CGC's top graders traveled the country to survey leading comic book collectors, retailers and dealers for their opinions of a "grading set" of comic books. Using the average of their opinions as a guide, our team established a consistent, trusted market standard for comic book grading.

Expert Analysis

Professional comic book grading provides expert assessment of condition and eliminates concerns about grade misrepresentation. Before a comic book is CGC-certified, it must be graded by at least two comic professionals according to well established standards that ensure integrity, quality, confidentiality and consistency.

Restoration Check

The CGC grading team performs a thorough restoration check of your comic book during the grading process. Any detected restoration is specifically noted on the grading label. We include this service in your submission price.

State-of-the-Art Protection

The CGC holder uses the most cutting-edge technology to provide the best protection for your comic books. Durable and tamper-evident, the holder is slim and lightweight, making it easy for collectors to store and transport their books. The label displays comprehensive information about the book and its grade, and the holder provides clear viewing from the outside as well as a safe opening mechanism for access to the book. Note that removal from the CGC holder voids the certification.

Confident Buyers and Sellers

With a consistent standard, impartial grading, expert restoration detection and a tamper-evident protective holder, you know what to expect from a CGC-graded book. Buyers and sellers can trade with confidence by mail, phone or over the Internet. Impartial and accurately graded comic books allow buyers to be confident, and aggressive bidders and sellers can rest assured that they're getting a fair price for a book's condition.


To learn more about CGC visit LINK